The Ninth Major Zurich Axiom: On Optimism versus Self-confidence


By John Sage Melbourne

Optimism implies expecting the very best,but confidence implies understanding how you will deal with the worst. Never make a relocation if you are merely optimistic.

Taking choices based upon optimism that is in turn not based upon understanding and insight to the truths is a hazardous state of mind. Optimism can be hazardous since it feels good. Every endeavor has an infinite number of possible outcomes,some good and some bad. Optimism often results in flawed judgement.

Understanding how you will deal with the worst provides you confidence. When you are feeling optimistic,attempt to judge if this is based upon the truths. A minimum of 50% of the time it is not.

That being stated,you definitely require optimism to fuel your forward momentum. Somebody who is largely cynical will discover it difficult to state yes to opportunities and even enjoy their property advancement journey. Stay optimistic about your endeavors,but when it comes to decision time,ensure that it’s confidence based upon truths that’s the supreme decider.

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Speculative strategy

Never go into a endeavor based solely on optimism. Before going into a endeavor determine how to exit if things go wrong. Seek confidence over optimism.

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