Beginners Guide: How Not To Sing With Your Nose

At lot of people….I repeat, a looootttt of people do this when they first start singing. Ofcourse it’s not a big deal if you’re singing inyour car or shower but when you’re singin in front of an audience, it’s kind of embaressing.

Fear not! we want to share with you some of the tips that will help you control your breathing and help you sing with out the nasal sound.

Here’s a snappy tip to tell in case you’re singing through your nose:

  • Hold your nose shut with your fingers, and afterward sing.
  • In the event that you sound for the most part the same (with the exception of consonants D, N, and M), at that point you are fine.
  • In the event that you sound drastically extraordinary, at that point you are singing through your nose instead of utilizing nasal reverberation. Make sense of how to sing more through your mouth with the goal that you don’t sound so odd. It has never required more clarification than that, for my understudies who have attempted it.
  • Exceptionally basic hint this week, yet additionally extremely viable!

Follow these tips and you can improve your singing more every day. For more tips go here [dcl=6320]

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Food and Drink Serving Etiquette for Restaurants, Caterers and Dinner Parties

The etiquette of serving food is a set of rules which are adopted by restaurants, caterers and even at private dinner parties. Use these rules as a guide, they are not official rules and can differ between cultures and countries.

While some of these techniques may sound petty and a bit over the top, most have a sound explanation. Making service appear smooth and faultless allows the customer to relax and not be interrupted by service staff. It dates back to when servants were required to serve their masters without being noticed.

The order of who to serve first starts with the guest of honour and anyone else of importance. Followed by the eldest woman all the way to the youngest male. The host is to be served last. This is for all service to the table including taking food and drink orders and serving them (if serving all at once isn’t possible).

Food and drinks are usually served from the left and cleared from the right but this varies in different regions of the world.

Plates are only cleared when everyone on the table has finished. To make sure everyone has finished, ask the table if they have finished followed by ‘Was everything OK?’ Although, this is fine, try ask a open question so you receive feedback rather than a yes or no.

Never rush your guests, allow for a break between courses especially before desserts. Obviously drinks are served before any food orders are taken. The bill is only given to the table once it has been asked for.

If the table has wine or champagne, remember to periodically top up their glasses. However there is a fine line between being intrusive and neglecting your customer. Avoid letting your customer pour their own drinks unless they have expressed this.

Remember to be human; you want your guests to be relaxed and comfortable. Build rapport with your guests, but don’t become friends with them. Avoid making remarks about your guests, such as don’t comment on a clean plate as that could imply your guest is greedy or fat.

For more serving etiquette including how to serve wine or champagne visit our website.


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How to Choose the Best Restaurant Consultants

The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses to break into and most restaurants face closure in their first year of operation. Inappropriate locations or insufficient understanding of targeted clientele demographics are some of the reasons restaurants close. Others have suffered from poor service or a mismatch between their menu and local tastes.

Whether you want to sell pizza, open a franchise, or open a trendy restaurant, the best method for ensuring that you do not repeat other people’s mistakes is to seek the advice of a professional restaurant or hotel consulting firm. Professional consultants are more cost-effective as compared to the risks of trial-and-error methods of developing your restaurant concept.

Restaurant consultants can work with you on anything from concept development, improved financial performance, decor, demographics, and food development. They can also help you run your business effectively and profitably. Before opting for restaurant consulting, let us look at the various types of consultants available.

You could opt for a full-service hospitality consulting company, which should be able to help with every aspect of your need. Optionally, restaurant consulting firms specialize in a specific field and disciplines, such as design, real estate, accounting, operations and litigation. Regardless of which type of consultant you select, the selection process does not vary.

Searching For a Hotel Consultant?

Before initiating the search for an effective hotel consultant, make a comprehensive list of areas where you might have a problem or need advice. For starters, you may want a consultant to create your business plan. Based on the list, decide whether to search for a full service or a specialized consultant.

Begin a preliminary search with the objective of locating consultants who are qualified to assess your problem. Identify more than one restaurant consultant. You can also use referrals from your business colleagues. Check out the consultants they have used in similar situations and which were effective.


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Best London Hotel Restaurants

Smart, chic and refined – the best luxury hotels in London have every opulent amenity guests need, including restaurants. From those established names run by celebrity chefs to up-and-coming stars that are just breaking onto the scene, here’s a rundown of the most creative restaurants which luxury hotels in London have to offer and which will make dedicated foodies swoon.

Best for celeb spotting: The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair

If eye candy is what you’re looking for in a restaurant, the old favourite Dorchester Hotel has had a recent facelift and is now the chicest place in the city.

There are several dining options – China Tang is the popular celebrity hotspot with a 1920s Shanghai flavour. Enjoy incredible Chinese cuisine in a glam setting amongst the antiques and stylish waitresses. The Grill, meanwhile, has more classic English dishes and is an excellent place for a Sunday lunch where the meat is served up fresh from the whole joint by confident waiters.

For a truly classy setting, however, there is no way to beat the signature menu at The Dorchester which is presided over by the famed Alain Ducasse and provides an unparalleled menu and setting that epitomise French chic.

Best for fusion: St Martins Lane, Covent Garden

The hip and stylish St Martins Lane is a blend of funky retro colour and ultra-cool design by Philippe Starck. And when it comes to food and drink, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Asia De Cuba restaurant is as buzzy as it is cool – make sure you book a table in advance or London’s cool crowd will fill up all the spots fast. Although the atmosphere is relaxed, a quirky taste suffuses the décor with photographs, crooked lighting and bookshelves, whilst the food is a fun mix of Asian and Latin influences.

Later on, guests move into the talked about Light Bar where the multi-coloured lighting and huge projected images are as off-beat as the cocktails. For something truly unique, you can even order a bespoke creation from the resident mixologists. For a more energetic evening, hotel guests can also choose to explore the usually members-only nightclub next door, Bungalow 8.

Best for afternoon tea: Claridge’s, Mayfair

Claridge’s is an institution in London and beyond, and it’s easy to say why when you’re sitting in the Grand Foyer. Accompanied by violins, a classic Afternoon Tea here offers the kind of elegance and spread which the hotel prides itself on. Surrounded by marble floors and glamorous guests, it’s a place which attracts as many grand-aunts as celebrities and is definitely a hallmark of English traditional dining.

Other options here include the relaxed Reading Room, which serves up contemporary cuisine, and TV star Gordon Ramsey’s flagship eatery for a formal experience. Ramsey’s restaurant is a draw in itself, thanks to modern European flavours which are served up with exciting creativity.