Famous Downtown Chicago Tiki Bar Set To Open New Secret Bar Inside

If you’ve lived in Downtown Chicago corporate housing near Streeterville or River North for awhile,chances are you’ve taken coworkers to one of Chicago’s worst kept secrets – Three Dots And A Dash tiki bar. As tiki bars have exploded in Chicago over the last few years,Three Dots ANd A Dash has consistently been at the top of residents’ lists – and for good reason. Using that momentum,the owners announced this month that they plan to open a brand new bar inside the existing tiki bar – Bamboo Room.

The owners say Bamboo Room will seat 22 patrons and will aim to give tiki bar fanatics a more sophisticated and refined option when selecting which tiki joint to hang out at. If you or a fried live in one of the area’s many furnished rentals or short term rentals,you’ll probably want to make sure Bamboo Room is on your radar due to the fact that it’s perfect for business meetings or bringing out of state guests to.

Paul McGee,one of the most forefront bartenders in the country,was responsible for opening Three Dots and a Dash back in 2013,and Downtown Chicago couldn’t have been more thrilled at the time. The momentum kept up,and McGee opened up another tiki bar,Lost Lake,in Logan Square just a few years later.

Kevin Beary,the current beverage director for the group that runs Three Dots and a Dash,is super happy to see the new bar open.

“It just gives us the ability to do more,” he told a reporter earlier this year. “To do a lot of things that were prohibited due to the volume of Three Dots. This is the nerdy stuff we collected along the way,going through recipes of classic Tiki cocktails. The thought was,’Oh my god,we have to figure out a way to try to do this.'”


Suing In The Aftermath Of A Boating Accident

Boating accidents can cause serious injuries,and in extreme cases,death as well. If you are injured due to a boating accident,you have the option to file a personal injury lawsuit,to cover losses and pay the expenses for suffering and pain,loss of income,as well as medical bills. In case such injuries leads to long term damages,you may further be able to claim damages for disfigurement compensation,long term medical care,as well as loss of earning capacity. In case you die due to a boating accident,your family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit to compensate for covering funeral costs as well as the loss of financial support.

Suing After a Boating Accident

You have the right to file a personal lawsuit in the case another group or person was responsible for the accident. Under negligence laws an individual is liable for the injuries caused due to her or his failure to exercise reasonable care under the prevailing circumstances. Opting for a personal injury lawsuit ensures that the injury victim receives adequate compensation for the losses the accident caused. A personal injury claim is also a method to hold the people who caused the accident,responsible for their actions,which caused harm or injury to another person.

The plaintiff,or the injury victim,can make a demand for the damages caused due to the accident when filing such a lawsuit with advice from a personal injury lawyer . This is inclusive of any losses or costs that are associated with the accident. They can include both noneconomic and economic damages. The financial losses and costs are classified under economic damages. You can show such damages through your boat repair estimates,pay stubs,and medical bills. This also includes expenses in the future like loss of earning potential and continuing medical care expenses. However,it might be difficult to estimate noneconomic damages,and is best left for the jury to determine.


The Ninth Major Zurich Axiom: On Optimism versus Self-confidence

By John Sage Melbourne

Optimism implies expecting the very best,but confidence implies understanding how you will deal with the worst. Never make a relocation if you are merely optimistic.

Taking choices based upon optimism that is in turn not based upon understanding and insight to the truths is a hazardous state of mind. Optimism can be hazardous since it feels good. Every endeavor has an infinite number of possible outcomes,some good and some bad. Optimism often results in flawed judgement.

Understanding how you will deal with the worst provides you confidence. When you are feeling optimistic,attempt to judge if this is based upon the truths. A minimum of 50% of the time it is not.

That being stated,you definitely require optimism to fuel your forward momentum. Somebody who is largely cynical will discover it difficult to state yes to opportunities and even enjoy their property advancement journey. Stay optimistic about your endeavors,but when it comes to decision time,ensure that it’s confidence based upon truths that’s the supreme decider.

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Speculative strategy

Never go into a endeavor based solely on optimism. Before going into a endeavor determine how to exit if things go wrong. Seek confidence over optimism.

For more info about developing your wealth state of mind,go to John Sage Melbourne here.


4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Dog Clothes For Your Fur Baby – The DoggieMarket

Dogs come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes. In fact,that’s what makes our fur babies so wonderful– no two will look exactly alike! However,this might pose a problem for when you’re hunting for proper-fitting dog clothes for your pup.
Luckily,in today’s article,we’ll examine four easy tips you can consider when finding the perfect dog clothes for your fur baby. At The Doggie Market,we offer an impressive selection of dog coats,dog dresses and more! Our goal is to make clothing that is both stylish and comfortable when worn by your dog. Shop our collections today to find unique,one-of-a-kind clothing for the furry pals in your life!
Continue reading below for our four tips on finding the right dog clothes that will perfectly fit your classy canine.
1. Consider the amount of fur they naturally have.Is your dog short-haired like a Chihuahua,or long-haired like an Alaskan Malamute? Clothes will fit differently depending on the length and thickness of your puppy’s fur! Always consider the breed of your dog before purchasing any dog clothing for them– after all,you can’t expect a size “medium” to fit both a Border Collie and a Labrador Retriever!
2. Make certain the clothing you choose is comfortable.You don’t want the dog clothes you choose for your doggie to end up being too uncomfortably loose or tight. If the clothes you choose are too tight,your little fur baby won’t be able to move as freely as they’re used to. If the clothes you choose are too loose,they’ll be slipping and tripping all over the place.
3. Take proper measurements.The only way to really know the proper size of clothing for your pup is to get your measuring tape out and to take their measurements! Most dog clothing manufacturers and makers provide customers with a sizing chart,as sizes do vary. Sizing charts are best to follow if you have no general idea about what size your fashionista good boy or good girl is.
Make certain you measure these main areas of your pup:
Their neckThe widest area of their chestThe distance from their neck to their waist4. Ask the manufacturer/person who made the clothes for help!Among the very best things about our family-owned-and-operated online dog clothing store is that we’re always available to help our customers. If you’re unsure about the best clothing options for your preppy pup,we’ll be more than happy to find the best solution for them!
Shop Our Collections of Handmade Dog Clothes TodayWhen you shop the handmade dog clothes that we offer in our online dog clothing store,you can rest assured that there’s love in every stitch! Each of our clothing items is made right here in the U.S.A.,and at The Doggie Market,our primary goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction.
In our collections,you’ll find an array of fashionable,feisty and fun dog sweaters,dog accessories,dog outfits and so much more! If you have any additional questions or concerns about our sizing,materials or something entirely different,don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect-fitting dog outfit for your furry family member!


Attention Toronto Business Owners: Gain the Best Competitive Edge Using Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to making yourself stand out from a dense sea of competitors,chances are you may find yourself experimenting with different marketing methods and researching which one is the best. No need to worry about overthinking,though. There exists synergy between all of them. Multiple seemingly opposing digital strategies can be used together to boost your online ranking phenomenon and get you advertised in where people search every day,getting you visible on Google for effective search queries that drive sales. What it takes for your business success is a marketing agency that should be able to change your enterprise through increased traffic,sales,and visibility. You have to see how powerful your new marketing strategy is where you have to make changes so you could move forward with SEO,drive targeted traffic and maximize visibility.

You will experience greater degrees of control over your enterprise as a consequence of having a highly engaging & high converting website along with an efficient marketing strategy,requiring less of your time & attention. The user tends to stick around on your business website,convert into a lead and learn more about the enterprise,when your website content closely matches the keyword query and provides lots of useful information to potential customers.

Social Media Branding in Your SEO Strategy

Any best Toronto SEO company can help an enterprise to obtain traffic by using the social media platforms for promoting the content. Our marketing agency of choice,,has the finest ways to encourage your website on social media. Not all social media platforms are great for enterprises to expend in,as everyone is aware,and our recommended agency helps you decide which one you should get marketed in to get the best bang for your advertising buck. They help you to find which pillars of your social media branding and online marketing need to be improved.

When people discover your brand,values and marketing message,and they get interested in what you do,plus see you more than once,they are very likely to connect with you and buy from you because they see how you serve their business needs.

Bottom line is,you can increase phone calls to your business and the leads you get more than ever before,thanks to well-done advertising and marketing.

A Devoted SEO Marketing Agency

The devoted team of would be content to work for you,whether you serve local clientele or your services & products are offered broadly and nationwide. You’re going in order to unearth more about the people that are interested in what you have on your website when you look at the stats related to your website and utilize a great SEO company.

A best SEO company should be able to market themselves well enough that you will find them when you need them,rather than vice versa (if you need someone,then you have to go and search for them). They can truly help your establishment to make strides in the digital marketplace. You should never focus on the cheapest one out there,when you are looking for an SEO person or consultant. It’s important you make sure your SEO services of choice are bespoke,tailored to your specific company needs,as the same marketing formula cannot be applied for the growing of every business.

Now it’s your turn to choose the digital agency that will work for you. Do your research so you know what you can anticipate from your forthcoming digital campaign. Get working with a known,trusted,reliable Toronto SEO agency and they’ll handle all your marketing needs â be it online advertising,branding or content marketing.


Not Getting Enough Customers? Juice Up Your Brand Awareness with These Amazing SEO Marketing Principles

If you serve people in your area or nationwide with a great or unique product or service,you can’t expect people to magnetically come to you when you’ve just started your business. One of the biggest challenges a new start-up business has is attracting clients. Here are ways you can leverage online search to build credibility and make yourself THE “go-to” person that people look for when they’re finding products & services in your niche.

Advertise Yourself Where People Are Searching For You

This is the ultimate driving factor that makes an SEO campaign successful. In fact,it is at the heart of every marketing campaign,digital or not.

If you want to make the most of your marketing dollars,you have to place yourself right in front of the people that WANT to buy your product from your type of business. This is called Laser-Focused Niche Targeting.

On Google,this is accomplished by finding the phrases that people use when they conduct an online search for your product or service.

All your SEO work revolves around one main search phrase. Be sure to select the right search phrase,because if your phrase of choice is mismatched to your target market,will you be getting the leads you want? If your phrase of choice has very little search volume,will you even be getting the amount of traffic you want? That’s where experienced help from SEO expert in Toronto really comes in handy.

So what is your target demographic? What are they looking for? What buyer markets are these people found in? You need search phrases that are a perfect match with your answers to these aforementioned questions. For example,”plumbers in Toronto” and related long-tail queries.

To mix & match the phrases that are the best sources for high-intent buyer leads inside your specific market,consult an agent such as SEO audit Toronto who uses Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs to find an entire lexicon of these buyer phrases.

Branding Yourself Is Vital to Any SEO Campaign

Take a look at the world’s most successful businesses. Apple,Coca-Cola,McDonald’s,Nike,etc. One thing you’ll find in common among all these is they’ve put forth the effort to establish their name in the marketplace as something that people recognize. They make their brand name prominent wherever people search for businesses like them.

The same is true online. Google knows a business is more likely to rank in the search engines when it takes the time to create properties to digitally brand itself. That’s because the more you see a company search dominated by properties belonging to its brand name,the more you want to do business with them,especially when they have a lot of customer testimony as proof of their great work.

You should hire an SEO agency that takes the time to create a rock-solid wall of branding around your company. SEO services company Toronto understands it’s all about how much real estate you dominate on the search engines.

You Have Great Content,But How Do You Get It To Be Read?

Any good search engine optimized website has a lot of content. Content,in fact,that satisfies any questions that a consumer may want to know before choosing to do business with anybody. Content that is useful to your target audience.

But how do you get people to read that content?

If you want your content to be read,you need to make the effort to get it visible to a wider audience. SEO content marketing is the way to do just that.

When it comes to well thought-out digital marketing and SEO campaigns,you’ll find that your content and brand is marketed using very creative ways that tap into where people are looking & what they’re looking for.

SEO content marketing includes publishing your very best,most attractive content on external sources such as social media,and distributing it in the news.

Great digital marketers do it in a way that it also drives traffic to your website and gives you a major search engine organic ranking & traffic benefit.

Now THAT’s how you build awareness of your unique marketing values!

Overall,we know you’ve found this article to be useful. We’re excited that you have now learned about the core components of an SEO campaign. Now,get to work,and sign up to work with local SEO services Toronto,our recommended Toronto SEO agent!


Proving A Slip-and-Fall Case

At any moment,an accident can occur. Nothing seems more random than a slip-and-fall while walking around. While sometimes this type of accident occurs for no good reason,there are other times in which it happens because of negligence from someone else. That is when the thought of suing after a slip-and-fall comes into play.

In order to build a proper case,a person needs to figure out exactly what caused the injury in the first place with the help of a personal injury law firm . If the injury happened because there was a dangerous condition in the area,it can make a strong case towards pursuing legal action. The hard part is proving negligence and liability in these cases. At times,conditions can change quickly,so it is impossible to expect a business or individual to stay on top of everything. There is a much better case to be made if the injury occurred because of negligence that has been a problem for a while.

One of the most common ways for a person to get injured in a slip-and-fall has to do with water on the ground in a certain tricky area. If there is water spilled on the ground and it was due to an accident that occurred just before,a person might not be able to be sued for that. There has to be reasonable time given to assess the situation and make changes.

Since it can be so hard to make a solid case,a lot of people who suffer from a slip-and-fall end up hiring a get help with a car accident claim . It can be the best way to prove something went wrong and it was the fault of someone else. Without professional assistance,it can be very difficult to get the result a person is looking for at the end of the day when everything finally goes to court.


Tips On Dog Bite Lawsuits

An unexpected dog bite can be one of the scariest things for people to go through at any point in their life. Not only can dogs do a lot of damage with there teeth,but that incident can haunt people for years to come. If the dog is owned by somebody else,there is always the opportunity to pursue legal action. Here are a few tips on dog bite lawsuits in general.

For starters,suing for a dog bite can be done for minor or major injuries. Most states will have a statute of limitations,but that can be up to a year or so after the fact. Getting examined for all medical attention after the bite is the most important thing,but after that,setting up a lawsuit can help a person get properly compensated.

Medical bills for a dog bite can really start to add up in a hurry. Sometimes,stitches are needed to close up a cut. There is also a chance of surgery being needed,which could rob people of work time.

It might not seem like that big of a deal,but the average cost of a dog bite as far as insurance claims are concerned is close to $30,000. These are usually the most extreme cases,but it just goes to show the importance of pursuing legal action.

Says the law can be so difficult to understand,most people should probably seek ainjury lawyer for extra assistance. They will be able to help with dog bite lawsuits and explain all the options in general. It is a great way to get the ball rolling with the lawsuit as well. No one wants to drag their feet too much as they try to get everything under control. Financially speaking,it just makes sense to pursue legal action.


Tips And Advice For Your Car Shopping

Buying a car is a huge investment that should not be taken lightly. There are many things you should consider about your car of choice before you make the purchase,whether you are buying new or used. Use the tips in the following article to help you narrow down your choices and make the right decision.

What can you afford? Also insurance,licensingcosts and gas,and repairs,though you have to understand exactly how much money you have every month to not only pay for the car lease. Everything must be covered every single month or else you’ll have to reduce the amount you have to spend on the car itself.

One of the top things you should be looking at is the mileage of the car if you are going to be purchasing a used car. If it has 150,000 miles on it already,you probably will not get much use out of it,as nice as a car may be.

Have a friend or family member that sells cars come along with you as you search for a new car. If they know that you are with a fellow salesman you will have an easier time getting the deal that you want and deserve,though car salesmen can be very aggressive.

Never leave your car with the dealership overnight. Many dealerships will offer you the opportunity to take the car that you are considering home in order to test drive it longer. While this is certainly appealing,it essentially means they are given the opportunity to hold the car you own hostage. This makes it more difficult to walk away from a bad deal,and it is not to your advantage.

Before you agree to purchase it,find out the vehicle’s mileage. Even if you know a particular car should get a certain gas mileage,be sure that it still does. A car can lose its efficiency overtime,which can mean a large expense in getting to the places you need to go.

These tips are perfect for any novice or expert who needs a new car. There are so many things to learn in life,and when it leads to an easier car buying experience,it’s worth it! Keep these ideas in mind as you head to the car lot and find the car of your dreams. Check out this site Preowned Truck for sale North Carolina