Home Business Entrepreneurs Getting the Tools They Need to Succeed

Starting a home business can be a scary thought for anyone. You never really know if you have the supply,the tools,and the ability to be able to sustain yourself in the long haul,all while putting your career,and your finances,at risk. The risk increases exponentially if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of running an online business as well,including being tech savvy. Fortunately,the choice of whether to put it all on the line became a lot easier through the Online Entrepreneur Academy.

Though it is a relatively new program,the Online Entrepreneur Academyhas already provided several home business owners with the tools they need to succeed in their endeavors. Students in the program will take classes for one year,learning from actual successful entrepreneurs on how to get the most from their company. It is a program that is designed to not only give entrepreneurs tips,but also what to expect,and how to handle the unexpected.

How is it Different?

What sets the Online Entrepreneur Academy apart from other courses in business is the variety of information covered. Many courses focus on one aspect of business,such as marketing,brand awareness,or product creation. The OEA combines all of those aspects into a one-stop-shop,educating their attendees on all aspects of running a company,not just a few areas here and there. Upon completion of the program,entrepreneurs will be armed with knowledge in a wide variety of areas,and will feel confident in their ability to successfully start their company.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

The only thing that the OEA asks is that their students are willing to learn,and are hungry to abandon their normal 9-to-5 jobs for exciting new opportunities. Whether that is a student fresh out of school,an already established owner,or a retiree that is looking for extra income,the Online Entrepreneur Academy can provide them everything they need to succeed.


The Solution to the Rut of 9-to-5 Jobs

A growing trend in the workforce of America is people feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled with the job they are in,and not knowing how they can get out of it. People are feeling that their creativity is being stifled,and they are spending more time away from their families,going to a job that they dislike,trying to earn enough to support the family that they never see. These workers are full of untapped potential,but they don’t know how to pull themselves out of the rut they are in,and get themselves to a place where they feel like their work matters in the overall grand scheme of business life.

Giving Yourself the Tools to Move Forward

Enter in the Online Entrepreneur Academy,a year-long,one-stop shop designed to help potential and current entrepreneurs launch a successful online business. The Academy exists in a virtual world,allowing their students access and communication to the minds of entrepreneurs that have found success on the platform,all while not having to leave the comfort of their own homes. The founder,Alex Dee,has himself found success in the sphere of online business,and has gathered other successful online business owners to share the knowledge they have learned over the years with a new generation of business owners.

Catering to Everyone

The Academy provides an intimate setting,where people can come together and share ideas with each other. The beautiful thing about the program is that it understands not everyone has the same online business idea,but it is close-knit enough to be able to cater to what your particular business idea is. It is a program that takes a one-step at a time approach,while giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to not only succeed,but also the ability to navigate problems that they are likely to face moving forward. You no longer have to be unfulfilled in your 9-to-5 job,with the Online Entrepreneur Academy,you can start your own company,and provide for your family both monetarily,and by being there for them.


Top 3 Sports That Have Originated In USA

Whenever country you go to,I am sure that the people have always something to stay about sports.

Sports in America has been an important part of their culture. Most of its popular sports nowadays include football and soccer,baseball,basketball,golf,and hockey. vanda Pickleball

Did you know that there are USA born sports that maybe,if you are not a sport enthusiast,might not know it exists. Or maybe you know these sports but never knew it originated in the USA.

  • Pickleball :

This sport can be traced back to early 1960’s. Its history tells us that pickleball started during the summer of 1965 on Brainbridge Island,Washington.

Some say that “pickleball” was derived from that Pichard’s family dog or from the word pickle boat,” referring to the last boat to return with its catch.

It is a sport that is likened to a racket sport that combines the elements of badminton,tennis,and table tennis where two or four players use paddles of wood to hit the ball over a net and the server hits from behind the baseline on one side of the center line and aims to smash the ball diagonally to the opponent’s service zone.

The rule is to give the points to the serving side and play ends when one side commits a fault.

  • Cowboy Polo :

This sport is known to be a variation of polo palyed mostly in the western United States. It is played in “chukkas” with two teams on horses who use mallets to hit a ball through a goal.

Cowboy Polo originated in New Smyrna Beach,Florida in 1952,where it was called Palmetto Polo derived from the mallet handles.

It is interesting to note that of all its written rules,the most commonly enforced unwritten rule is that any rider who falls off his or her horse must buy beer for the entire team.

Take note that each team consists of five players,with two horseback referees,and two goal spotters.

  • Kickball :

Originally called “kick baseball,” this sport was invented as in the early 1900’s by Nicholas Seuss of Cinacinnati,Ohio.

This game is typically played on a softball diamond inflated rubber ball which uses 3 bases,a pitcher’s mound,and a home plate as in baseball or softball game.

The goal of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team. Kickball is considered a child’s game in the United states,though as it evolves through time,many of its states have created kickball leagues for adults.

Did you know that kickball is also popular among Koreans and Japanese young adults? Yes,it is included in their PE classes and they call it balyagu in Korean and kickbase in Japanese.

These are just a few sports and games that were born and originated in the USA. There are still a lot that we can talk about.

Although,you might not fond of sports and games,it is fascinating to learn these sports and trace back their amazing history. Sports have a special impact on each culture and it is good to know them.


What is Vendor Management Software

You know that competition is tough when you search for a product and the Wikipedia link,which is usually the first result to pop up,is on the second page. Despite the aforementioned fierce competition,there is a lack of articles and websites clearly explaining what Vendor Management is. All you can see is that it is “important” for your business and the various packages offered by each company.

Comprehensive articles about a Vendor Management Software is quite hard to find so I took the liberty of summarising all the research that I’ve done and write an article about it.

But what is Vendor Management Software really?

According to Wikipedia,a vendor management system (VMS) is an Internet-enabled,often Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services â temporary,and,in some cases,permanent placement services â as well as outside contract or contingent labour. Typical features of a VMS application include order distribution,consolidated billing and significant enhancements in reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes. Example:

If you’re an ordinary person like me,the above statements will not make sense to you. In fact,with its use of technical terms,its capability to be understood goes further away. It took me two hours of research to fully understand what Vendor Management Software is. In simple terms,it is a software that companies can use to track and monitor their third-party service and good providers. Because of how complicated businesses can be,traditional tools like handwritten notes or Excel spreadsheets are no longer enough.

The bigger the company grows,the more complex the system becomes. This is the reason why you need a Vendor Management Ssoftware. The human mind,while understandably incredible,has a limit. You will need an entire department just dedicated to your third-party transactions to match with the processes of the Vendor Management Software,and maybe not even then.

It allows its users to view,control,and manage all documents,contracts and records of each vendor. This allows for faster decision-making and negotiation. What Gatekeeper HQ is selling is efficiency. By implementing their Vendor Management Software into your company’s system,you can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI),assess the risks and manage your current pool of vendors. Through this,you can determine which are working and which are not. The software also minimizes time spent on each transaction.

Imagine that all your company’s third-party transactions are organized in one cabinet,each vendor segregated in each folder,each transaction documented and noted. All information would be at your fingertips,whether you want it or not. What this service does is let you identify the problematic aspects of your company and allow you to fix them before it becomes a major problem and affect your operations.

A Vendor Management Software also allows you to integrate eSignatures into it. You can send contracts to your clients overseas and have it be considered legally binding. An eSignature makes the signing contract process far more efficient than before.

Implementing Gatekeeper HQ’s Vendor Management Software lets you devise a clear strategy on how to work with your third-party vendors. You can renegotiate contracts,ask for Key Performance Indicators,etc. What it will do is provide you with the peace of mind that you are not being ripped off by your employees and more importantly,that you are getting the most value out of each and every third-party vendor you employ.

According to studies,a company without a proper Vendor Management Software or a mismanaged one can lose up to 9% of their annual income. 9% of a company’s annual income is a number that even non-business owners can say is big.

An entire department is needed to fulfil what a Vendor Management Software can do. The insights that can be garnered from it is vital and can make or break the company’s future. A Vendor Management Software also provides business owners with the peace of mind that their company is fully optimised and that they are getting the most out of their clients.

Vendor Management Performance Review and Analytics

Gatekeeper HQ’s Vendor Management Software ( ) also creates a Performance Review and analytics feature which could give helpful insights for your company. It provides you with predictive analytics that will determine market trends,worker behaviour and future needs.

It may seem overwhelming but contrary to popular belief,Gatekeeper HQ’s Vendor Management Software is quite easy to use. Because of its user-friendly interface,one of its main selling points,anyone can work out its processes without much help or preparation. All successful businesses invest time and money on their internal structure. Not everything has to be outbound. Having an organized system can prove to be useful in the long run,especially if it can help you identify the flaws and problems of your strategies.

If you are still sceptical of Gatekeeper HQ’s Vendor Management Software,check them out and request for a FREE Demo. They’ll be more than happy to provide you with one.


Play for meaningful stakes

By John Sage Melbourne

Invite to the second part in my series about the Zurich Axioms. Today,we’re going to cover the first significant axiom and what it means for you,a private on a journey to discover your wealth frame of mind.
So,as I discussed in the last post,the factor that the Swiss investment firms of the 1980’s were so successful was because of their understanding of threat.
They understood threat much better than anything else associated to the investment and made wise investing decisions based on threat alone in a lot of cases. Let’s look more detailed at the first significant axiom of Zurich.

Find out more from John Sage Melbourne

The First Major Axiom

How frequently do you feel concerned about things in life? You might think that being stressed suggests sickness and that it is horrible for your body,however in truth,concern is a good idea,and you should learn to embrace it.
In the first major axiom on danger,we discover that being stressed about something means that you’re taking a danger,and to be successful in your financial investments and in life,you need to take dangers nearly daily.
Some dangers are more substantial than others,and they’ll worry you more than others too. Still,if you feel concerned and nervous about something,that suggests that it deserves pursuing and has the opportunity to make you wealthy.
The Swiss knew this,and they accepted their worries and worries and learned to silence them and even delight in the sensation.
You ought to too.

Minor Axiom I: Constantly play for meaningful stakes

Including onto the last point,if the worry of losing the quantity invested does not horrify you,then the opportunity of making a high percentage gain isn’t really most likely. You should go into the playing field unless you prepare to win and win huge at that.
In order to win big,you require to invest more than you feel comfortable. Remember– I’m not advising you make bad options,however I am advising that you try to find threat and concern in your investments. That’s how you make it huge in the long run.

Minor Axiom II: Resist the lure of diversification

You’ve probably heard the investing saying “do not put all of your eggs in one basket” before. It’s a caution that investors need to diversify their portfolio,so they aren’t risking everything on just one investment.
Here’s the important things– diversification has 3 major defects that your financial consultant probably does not desire to tell you:
1. It breaks the theory if playing for significant stakes and winning huge.

2. When one area of your portfolio has gains,the gains are balanced out by losses in another area,and you just break even if you’re lucky.

3. You’ll lose focus of your essential investments.

You should not be scared of danger,and you ought to put your money where your mouth is. Deal with investing like a video game and the only method to win is to win big.

Stay Tuned

There are still eleven more Zurich Axioms that you need to learn,and I’m going to cover them in future blog site posts. Offer John Sage Melbourne a follow on social media and sign up for this blog,so you do not miss an entry in this series.


The Reality Of Numerology Meanings Revealed

Are Numerology Meanings For Real?

Lots of individuals imagine that Numerology could be a strategy for finding out their lucky numbers and then leave the thought at that. go here

On the other hand,while numerology will disclose numbers and patterns that could more than likely be advantageous to each of us,it may even give us much much more.

The broadness of numerology could certainly make known our total life path,not only that which you tend to be born capable of attaining but it could also clearly show to us how best to start accomplishing it.

Numerology may also help anyone arrange events in context so therefore we ideally figure out how to follow through,and appreciate the makeup of one’s relationships so that we may take measures to make them much more harmonious.

The Numbers Tell A Lot Numerology has developed a relationship with the mystic vibrations that are included in the symbol of numbers and how these vibrations stimulate or react to causes and conditions during life. Whilst the numeral 8 could be a happy number for many folks,it might not continue to be the luckiest depending upon the numbers it is keeping company with in the course of that day or perhaps that period.

How Old Is Numerology?

The practice of numerology has been around since Babylonian times,and perchance previous to. Where as todays modern life has become dependent upon proof,the ancients recognized there was clearly simple truth contained in the unforeseen and unexplained.

As more research studies begin to suggest there may be merit in the art of numerology,we each dont have to hold out for modern-day evidence to begin to implement what’s aided many in the course of time to better their own lives.

Insights From The Charts An in depth numerology chart deals with each cycle of our lives,ranging from birth till death. This is simply not a means of divination,but a reservoir of instruction for the phases of our growth as well as maturity.

This then allows each of us to really know what to look out for along with what to draw close,to assist us on how to best stay within our life path. While each of our numbers will be ours alone,they connect with the vibrations of the numbers all-around us within happenings,the Universe as well as other human beings.

Employing an understanding relating to the morphing influences and tendencies of our very own lives will enable us to take care of the unforeseen. It can also be a method of being on the lookout past the immediate to check out ones existence in a wider sense,reducing any anxiety belonging to the immediate. A broader perspective lets us sustain belief.

Compatibility Can Equal Happiness Something many begin to recognize most pertaining to Numerology often is the manner by which it helps reveal the behaviors and temptations within our personal relationships that can rework how harmonious they are already.

Compatibility is about above and beyond actually being just perfectly suited to each other well,it is about understanding just how each of us handles life,exactly what much of our personality propensities actually are,together with the temptations which can be unique to each and every life path.

Some sort of temptation might not be a bad thing; somebody that is inclined to the path of creativity can be even more of a risk taker than a person whose path is mostly focused on


Texas Auto Accident Laws Explained

The state of Texas is regarded as a “fault” state. What this basically means is that the insurance company will need to determine fault prior to providing coverage. This is the opposite of “no-fault” states. In no-fault states,insurers automatically provide coverage to both parties irrespective of who is at fault. With the Texas fault system,drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance as follows:

  • $25,000 for property damage

  • $60,000 per accident for bodily injury

  • $30,000 per person for bodily injury

This insurance coverage basically pays the other party’s medical expenses and or property damage if you are at fault. Alternatively,the other parties basic insurance will pay for your damages if they are at fault.

According to the Texas statute of limitations,you have two years in which to bring a lawsuit against the other driver when involved in a car accident. All claims against the government entity carry a shorter deadline and that’s typically between 60 to 90 days after the accident.

Even if both drivers are at fault for a car crash,either party can still file a claim and potentially receive compensation for damages. This is dictated by the modified comparative fault law that Texas abides by. This law basically states that if either party is 50% or less at fault for the collision,then compensation may be granted to either party.

One of the best ways to receive compensation after being involved in a collision is to hire the services of a competent and experienced preparing for car accident court . Your attorney will investigate the accident,and file a claim with the correct civil court. They will also prove advantageous when it comes to going up against insurance claims adjusters. Ultimately,in the event that your case has to go to trial,the right auto accident attorney will help to win your case in the courtroom.


Smart Tips For Finding The Best Crash Claim Attorney

When involved in a car crash,finding the right attorney may be the smartest decision you’ll ever make for the case. Whether you are the victim or the offender,the law allows you to procure legal representation. Considering that there are so many crash claim attorneys,how do you pick the right one? Well,it’s not complicated if you follow the right guide.

Here are the smart tips that will help you find the best hurt in a car crash for your crash claim:

1. Research! Research! Research!

You can start with the legal directories. You’ll get several attorneys from your local area that you can hire. The other option is the referral services. The services are available for every state and will direct you to the ideal attorney.

2. Experience is Key

Your success in court highly depends on the experience of your attorney. The attorney that you hire should have handled similar cases before and has to possess several years of practice. You need to confirm this before hiring the attorney.

3. Personal Accomplishment

A good accident lawyer should be able to prove past accomplishments,more so when he or she claims to be experienced. The accomplishment may be in form of cases won or individual accolades in the legal sector.

4. Check Client Reviews

How would you know that the attorney is as good as he or she claims? You need to confirm this from the previous clients that the attorney has served. They have first-hand experience to help you make a better decision.

5. Ask Around

Lastly,you should ask the people that you trust. Start by your family members,friends,and colleagues. You can also ask for recommendations from other lawyers that you are familiar with.

The above tips will help you find the best attorney for your crash claim but you have to apply them wisely. This means investing more time in the search process so that you don’t take chances at all.